Medical Billing And Coding Salary Range

A medical billing and coding salary can have a wide range. Several things determine what that salary will be, including which part of the country the job is in. One thing is certain, however, and that is; it is one of the highest entry level salaries in the medical field administration area.

There is a great chance for advancement, and with experience, a higher salary can be attained. The national average salary is $30,000, and those who work for certain types of specialists can earn upwards of $65,000 per year. Needless to say, it is a very lucrative career for those with the right qualifications.

Medical coding and medical billing are two separate jobs. Those who have the skills to do both are in very high demand. Each job can fetch a high salary, but when an individual can do both, it is very desirable to potential employers. Many people have started out doing one, and then adding the skills they need to be able to do both jobs and earn more money. In fact, many employers, especially hospitals would rather pay a medical billing or medical coding salary than to have to pay two people for two different jobs.

Location is one determining factor for a medical billing and coding salary. Those who plan to work in major cities such as Los Angeles or New York City often earn the highest salaries. Those who live in smaller communities can still earn a great salary if they work for specialists such as Neurosurgeons.

Interestingly, there is work available in fields other than medical. Insurance companies hire for this job often. Other organizations and professions also hire, and pay a handsome salary to medical billers and coders. The Government even hires for this job, and pays quite well.

Some companies not only hire, but train employees. In this instance, the entry level medical billing and coding salary is sometimes lower than normal, but not always. This type of arrangement is perfect for some, and the employer knows that their employees have been trained to do the job exactly as they want it done.  If training is done outside of the scope of a company, those who have the most training and the best personal qualities often get the jobs. Most employment ads state the minimum amount of training needed to apply for the position.

Personal qualities do matter when it comes to medical billing and coding salary expectations. Trust is a great matter of importance in these types of jobs. Employers want people who have good moral and ethical values, and are willing to pay well for them. Good work ethic is also desirable to employers. They want a person whom they can hire who will not only do a great job, but will become a part of a team. Those who do have these qualities often get generous raises and bonuses. When completing a resume or application, list good references who will vouch for your skills and ethics. Try to make the best impression on paper and during the interview to start out with the best beginning salary.

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  2. Michael Dickson Says:

    One way medical coding specialists can increase their earning potential is to get certification from professional bodies like the American Academy of Professional Coders. Although voluntary, these certifications are a great way to prove your proficiency for the job and demand a higher paycheck. To prepare for the certifying exam, it may be necessary to complete a medical billing and coding program from a career school!

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