Billing And Coding Careers

Are Medical Coding Jobs Right For Me?

The Position The primary role of medical coders in all medical coding jobs is to accurately and thoroughly process medical claims for physicians, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities, with the ultimate goal of receiving payment from healthcare insurance providers, for services rendered. Although terms like “back shop”, back office” and “support staff” are often […]

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Is Medical Billing From Home For Me?

Have you noticed recently that everywhere you look there are job opportunities for medical billing from home? This is not a surprise in that the healthcare industry in general is growing and expanding at a rate which is unprecedented. A major spin off of this healthcare upswing is the need and creation of medical billing […]

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Endless Opportunities In Medical Billing And Coding Jobs

The basic function of medical billing and coding jobs can be defined as the practice, of translating medical terminology, diagnosis, diseases, and treatments into coded billing statements which can then be submitted to health insurance providers for payment. Each and every day doctors treat tens of thousands of patients for all sorts of ailments such […]

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