Education And Location On Medical Billing And Coding Salary

It is a fact that the major factor with respect to expectations regarding the medical billing and coding salary currently paid by doctors, physicians, and medical facilities and institutions, is directly related to training, schooling, and experience.

This should not be a deterrent for an individual seeking a career in the medical billing and coding sector of the healthcare industry, an industry which has an increasing abundance of current job opportunities, and provides tremendous opportunities for advancement, and in turn increased earnings. Someone looking for a career as opposed to a job, should seriously consider enrolling in an online billing and coding course at bare minimum as it will not only open the door to more job opportunities, but have a significant effect on medical billing and coding salary paid.

Salaries for medical billers and medical coders are generally about the same. If we take for example the average medical coding salary for an uncertified medical coder, it falls within the range of $36,000 to $40,000 per year. The same position for a certified medical coder pays an average of $43,000 to $47,000 per year. As you can see, education and ultimately certification has a dramatic impact on medical billing and coding salary, tremendous financial benefits over the long run.

The overall demand for medical billing and coding jobs is rapidly increasing as medical practitioners and facilities are now seeing great value in hiring or outsourcing competent billers and coders. After all, this function, performed in an effective and efficient manner ensures that they get reimbursed by healthcare insurance providers promptly. The trend seems to be outsourcing as the doctors and medical institutions pay only for work completed and do not have to incur costs for benefit and other employee expenses.

The other primary factor which has an effect on medical billing and coding salary is geographical location. Like any industry, the demand is higher in certain parts of the country, thus paying medical billers and coders a higher amount, and lower in other parts of the country, thus paying a lower rate. In general, the East and West Coasts pay $4,000 to $6,000 higher than the Midwest and the South.

Again, this should not stop individuals from pursuing medical billing and coding jobs if they live in a lower paying areas. As a result of the outsourcing trend, medical billers and medical coders can in many cases work out of their home, meaning that an individual living in the Midwest can solicit and secure clients in higher demand, higher paying areas of the country.

In summation, medical billing jobs and medical coding jobs provide excellent opportunities for anyone looking for a well paying career with unlimited future advancement. Like any job or career, what you put in is what you get out. It is important develop and protect your reputation right from the outset. Perform quality work, do it accurately, and do it promptly. This coupled with education and certification will ensure that you maximize the medical billing and coding salary you attain.

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