Medical Billing From Home – Growing And Marketing Your Business

With the advent of the internet the number of home based businesses in growing at an exponential rate and one area which is definitely not an exception is medical billing from home. In fact it is quickly becoming the norm as many medical practitioners, medical facilities, and clinics, as well as medical billers are  seeing tremendous benefits.

From the perspective of the biller, medical billing from home provides the ability to break from the 9 – 5 routine, the flexibility to balance personal and business life, eliminates the daily commute, and has definite cost savings. However, growing and expanding a home based business,  requires ongoing marketing activity to keep a constant flow of new clientele.

It is a fact that medical billers will lose clients, often no fault of their own. Without a prospective customer funnel, the business will see peaks and valleys which in turn cause undo stress. It is extremely important to allocate a portion of time and money to the marketing function when developing the initial medical billing from home business plan. Unfortunately it is this function which is often overlooked and is the primary reason for business failure.

You do not have to be a marketing guru or even spend a whole lot of money for that matter, however, following are a few simple ideas which can be implemented from the beginning.

Develop A Corporate Image

Professionals like to deal with successful businesses, and it is your job as a business owner to create the impression of success. Start by coming up with a catchy yet professional name as well as a logo and short slogan which ties into the service you provide. Spend a few extra dollars on professional looking business cards, as well as matching letterhead and envelopes. Many small print shops will provide an inexpensive packaged price, and print enough to last a longtime.

Set Up A Corporate Website

I have heard it stated that a business without a website is not in business. That being said, a website is a must. In this day and age, a small professional looking website can be created very inexpensively and quickly.

For the purposes of a medical billing from home type business, a professional website is an extension of the corporate image. It should include contact information, privacy policy, services provided, and a list of testimonials from satisfied clients. Most importantly, it should have an area where visitors can leave their name an email address in order to receive information on your company via auto responder. This is a tremendous way to gather leads, follow up, and ultimately get new customers.

Continually Ask For Referrals

The most effective way on generating new leads and new clientele, is by referral from a satisfied client. Very few people enjoy making cold calls and the referral is a way to turn it into a warm call. Asking for referrals is an art and timing is critical. The most appropriate time to ask for a referral is immediately after you have receive a thank you or some praise. Make this a habit and use a very discreet statement such as “I appreciate your comments and am glad you are pleased with my work. Is there anyone you might know in the medical field that I might be able to help?” Simple as that!

Get Involved

It is so easy when performing medical billing from home to fall into the trap of hiding behind the computer and isolating. Keep your eyes open for anything medical related happening in your area and get involved. It may be a presentation by a well known doctor, a luncheon, trade show, or even a job fair hosted by a hospital. Attend all of these events with business cards in hand. You never know where a potential client may appear.

These are a few suggestions which, if implemented will assist in growing your medical billing from home business venture. Naturally, as the business expands and becomes more profitable, you can allocate more money to marketing efforts.




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