Medical Billing Jobs: Challenging, Exciting, And Rewarding

Medical billing jobs provide an essential function within the healthcare industry today primarily as a result of the increasing necessity of insurance companies to deal with medical issues, medical malpractice situations, and  handle the ever increasing number of fraudulent insurance claims. Medical billing covers the submission and follow up of insurance claims until payment and reimbursement is received for services performed by the medical practitioner, medical practice, or healthcare facility.

Those providing medical billing jobs must have a thorough understanding of medical terminology as well as a general understanding of anatomy. Additionally it is  vital to have some knowledge of the codes used in medical coding as well as a grasp of the various health insurance documents and other medical forms in order to properly manage the billing process.

This function can be handled by employees of third party medical billing companies, or directly by employees of a medical practice or institution. Although viewed primarily as an administrative function, quality medical billers must have the ability to effectively interact and communicate with patients, physicians, health insurance providers, other colleagues, and collection agencies, and deal with issues as they arise.

From an educational standpoint, medical billing jobs do not, in theory require any formal certifications, however, to become recognized within the industry, receive the top level of earnings, and be presented with the best advancement opportunities, it is an absolute must. Prior to entering the industry, the basic minimum requirement is simply a high school education.

Training to become medical biller, can be accomplished by attending courses within the classroom setting or online, and can generally be completed in a period ranging fro 7 months to upwards of 2 years. There are some programs which advertise full certification within 2 – 3 months, however, many of these are not recognized by the medical billing industry, and not given much credibility by prospective employers.

Prior to enrolling in a medical billing program, be it in the classroom or online, it is important to do some research in order to find one which best suits your needs, and will ultimately get you hired. Further, certifications do vary to a certain degree, therefore it is essential that you undertake a certification which is in high demand.

Although it is rare in the current market,  some physicians and medical organizations will hire job seekers for medical billing jobs without any practical experience or formal education. It is highly recommended that anyone who is serious about a long term career in the medical billing and coding field begin the educational process sooner than later. There is nothing worse than seeing other colleagues who have taken this step advance into high paying exciting positions.

It is difficult to pinpoint the actual salary of a medical biller as they are so many factors which come into play. However, in general terms a biller just entering the industry with little or no education and experience can expect to receive a wage anywhere between $8 and $12 per hour, however, as more experience and education is attained, that rate can jump up to as high as $40 per hour. There really is some light at the end of the tunnel and great upside potential for those who want to put in the effort.

With the rapidly aging population of the country, the healthcare industry is on the rise. New and exciting job opportunities are being created every day and that of medical billing jobs is certainly no exception. There is no time like the present if you are in search of a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career.


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