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Medical Transcription Jobs: Essential To The Operation Of The Healthcare Industry

Medical transcription  jobs can be broadly categorized as a health and wellness related profession which encompasses the process of recording and converting voice-recorded patient accounts as prescribed by doctors and other healthcare professionals, into a textual format.

As a field of medical expertise, medical transcription training can be attained through certification or diploma programs, distance online learning, or on-the-job training offered by some medical institutions and other educational facilities offering crash courses which can often be completed in a very short period of time. However, there are many practitioners and institutions which set a transcriptionist hiring standard which calls for 18 months to 2 years of specialization regarding the required skills.

To be successful in medical transcription jobs, the individual must have a mastery in medical nomenclature and editing, the ability to listen and encode at the same time, expertise in the use  of playback controllers on the transcription device, and use of foot pedal to control and conform dictations – all while conserving a constant beat of execution.

Medical Transcriptionists operate in a number of different environments as in many other professions. Some transcriptionists  apply their knowledge in an office environment, or online work setting. Some are directly hired by wellness maintenance facilities, while others may be employed by companies which accommodate medical transcription services to health care facilities for fee.

In addition, some medical transcriptionists choose to be freelance or independent contract workers providing the freedom to work at their own pace.  Most however, set up a standard standard 40-hour work per week. Many transcriptionists prefer this structure of work because of the flexibility and ability to determine their own schedule. Consequently, the transcriptionist can deliver service as much or as little as desired.

Almost all transcriptionists are compensated for their services rendered on a salaried basis determined by a pre-set hourly rate. As a result, the more a medical transcriptionist works, the more he or she will be paid.  Submission schedules are very important, therefore when a transcriptionist commits to  a particular medical transcription project, the transcriptionist must be able to complete the project within 2-3 days.

Typing or encoding is undoubtedly the most essential skill that a  transcriptionist can possess. The more words per minute the transcriptionist is able to  encode, the more money they can earn earned. Nevertheless, in addition to a rapid typing speed, the transcriptionist must also be extremely accurate and precise.

Erroneous actions and careless work are considered to be the two most serious offenses within the transcription industry.  Medical transcriptionists must be extremely familiar with the medical nomenclature learned in the training phase.

Although medical transcription jobs are anticipated to grow over the next several years, as a result of the increased trend of outsourcing to foreign countries, other areas within the the healthcare administration area such as medical billing and coding show much more promise.

Further, the advent of speech recognition software does present a minor threat to the field, however, at the present time, the technology is far from being perfected and does not produce the same quality that can be provided by a live medical transcriptionist.

Overall, medical transcription jobs are here to stay as they provide an essential function to the operation of the healthcare industry, and also provide prospective employees an opportunity to be involved in an exciting and lucrative industry, with tremendous future opportunity.

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