Medical Transcription Jobs: The Hottest Careers In The Healthcare Industry

Medical transcription jobs are quickly becoming one of the hottest careers in the health care industry.  Documenting and recording medical information is one of the most important parts of providing care for a patient, and the quality of information included in those records can have a significant impact on the success of a health care practice.

In most medical practices, doctors dictate information about their patients into a tape recorder or digital voice recorder, and these notes are then transferred into a patient’s medical record.  The people who complete this process are known as medical transcriptionists, and they are a vital part of any medical facility.

Medical transcription jobs consist of listening to the recordings made by doctors and then transcribing the information into a form that can be included in a patent’s medical record.  The process of having another person type information from a patient visit saves doctors time and helps prevent errors that can be caused by poor or illegible handwriting.

Medical transcriptionists most often work in an office, however, there is a growing demand for those who are willing to work from home.  Some are employed by health care facilities like doctors’ offices, hospitals, and physical therapy clinics, while others work as part of companies that provide transcription services to health care providers.  There are even opportunities for transcriptionists to work as independent contractors, providing the flexibility to accept as much work as they choose.

Medical transcription jobs offer a high degree of flexibility.  Typically most transcriptionists who work in a health care setting or for a company work forty hours a week in an office on a set schedule.  But the demand for transcriptionists who work from home has created the freedom for transcriptionists to set their own schedules and work as much or as little as they choose to.  In most cases, transcriptionists who work from home are paid either hourly or by line of transcription, so pay will vary based on how much time you choose to work.

The skills required to work in medical transcription jobs are fairly basic.  You should be able to type well, since the faster you type the more money you are able to earn.  Further, you should be able to create work that is free of mistakes, since errors are a major concern in this area.

Being familiar with medical terminology and having a basic understanding of the medical field will help you as you work. Those who choose to work independently must also be able to manage their time well, since records are often time sensitive and must be turned around in a short period of time.

There are more medical transcription jobs available each day, and a career in the health care field is one of the most secure positions you can find.  Working as a medical transcriptionist gives you the freedom to work anywhere you choose, and as long as people need to see doctors, transcriptionists will always be in demand.  The medical transcription field is an exciting and fast paced career that offers both personal and professional rewards. If you are looking for a career that gives you the opportunity to create the job of your dreams, find out more about medical transcription today!


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